Ndiini Primary School – New Building 2021

Ndiini Primary School is a public school in the Kahawa Sukari district and was started in 1959, by the First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta. It is a semi-rural area located about twenty minutes outside of the capital of Nairobi.  Until 2010, this area lacked consistent electric and water supplies.

In early 2021 work was completed on a new school building – the before and after pictures are below!

The Kenyan Ministry of Education took over control of the school after the number of enrolled children began to dramatically increase. The old school building was composed of four main stone buildings and two buildings where toilet facilities are located. The classrooms were equipped with a basic chalkboard and approximately one desk for every three children. The classrooms did not have running water, flooring, adequate lighting, or electricity. As the only primary school within a ten mile radius, the school had an enrollment of 712 students and only 24 faculty members to teach them.

Prior to the initiation of the Ndiini School Food Programme, the primary school students did not have any adequate midday meal. From about 7:30 a.m. until the end of the school day, students received no midday meal.

Since the new school opened in late 2021, the students have access to brighter classrooms, running water facilities and a much improved environment for learning.

Ndiini Primary School – 1959 – 2021

For some students, the midday meal provided by the food programme is the only meal they have all day. Ndiini School Food Programme hopes to provide these primary school students with a nutritious meal that helps them continue their studies. Since the inception of the program, attendance rates have continued to rise.

Since the partnership with Food4Education, we are providing school lunches to the school’s most vulnerable children via the Tap2Eat technology.


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