Frequently Asked Questions

How do school lunch programmes impact educational outcomes in primary school?

Numerous studies have found that school lunch programmes can have a positive impact on student learning outcomes, attendance rates and attitudes towards education.According to the World Food Programme ‘s 2009 “School Feeding cost benefit Analysis” report (World Food Program, “School Feeding Cost Benefit Analysis,” 2009), there are significant benefits to school lunch programs. These include: “?Enhanced nutrition and child health; increased learning and decreased morbidity for students” (WFP, 2009, p. 50). ?”Can help children get into school and keep them there” (WFP, 2009, p. 50) School feeding programs have been shown to improve gender equality (WFP, 2009, p. 50). Wider socio-economic benefits such as increased community development and local production (WFP, 2009, p. 50).

What kind of food does Ndiini School Lunch Programme provide to the students?

Partnered with Food4Education, we provide a basic, yet nutritious lunch of rice, beans and vegetables.

Is Ndiini School Food Programme a registered not-for profit organisation?

Yes. Ndiini School Food Programme is a registered Irish charity. The registered charity no is: CHY No 20136

How much does it cost to provide school lunches for each student?

Our programme provides daily school lunches for primary school students. We subsidise the cost for the most vulnerable students to 15KES per meal.

What percentage of my donation will go directly to the cost of the school lunch programme?

Any and all donations we receive will first go towards the school lunch programme. Any additional funds will go towards the scholarship programme. For donations made online via Paypal, Paypal charges a small percentage (2.9%) for each donation made through their site. We have partnered with Paypal to ensure the secure processing of all our donations. However, 100% of all donations received via mail will go directly to fund the school lunch programme.

How can I donate to Ndiini School Food Programme?

You can visit our donation page to donate using Paypal by clicking on the link below.

There are many Irish children who do not have access to healthy meals, why provide lunches to students in Kenya?

Although many children may not have the means to buy school lunches, the government are able to help these students with free school lunch programmes. However, in Kenya, there is no school lunch programme available to primary school students. Without our lunch programme, over 500 primary school students would not have any meal at school from 7a.m. until 4p.m. We believe that every child has the right to school lunches and that access to these lunches can improve academic performance and increases attendance rates.

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